David has over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer.

About David McCammon

An image carefully crafted with refined technique holds timeless power to ignite interest and curiosity while attracting attention. With 30 years of professional photography experience, David can photograph anything effectively and efficiently. His goal is to exceed your expectations of how your images will look and perform. He begins with your needs and ideas developing them into powerful images to promote your product or service.

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“David is a true professional who has mastered his craft. I have had many, many photo sessions over the years, this was by far my best experience. He is a Master and he will up-level your look, your feel, and your confidence.”

Gerry Robert
Gerry Robert

“David is a pleasure to work with. He is very reliable, patient, courteous, and has an eye for quality. His work is taking our corporate image and the strength of our brand to a new level.”

Carl Kennedy
Carl KennedyStance Healthcare

“David is a miracle worker behind the lens. I don’t consider myself the least bit photogenic but he made me feel completely at ease as we went through a variety of poses. The end result was an amazing collection of photos that reflect my spirit and I have the most amazing headshot. For the first time ever, I like pictures of myself.”

Adrienne Winterhelt
Adrienne Winterhelt

“David McCammon is a professional photographer. We asked David to photograph our staff and board of directors for our annual report. We had a tight deadline. We had changes…The art director wanted a background change for the people shots…No problem…in a day…no problem…and of course we needed everyone to look animated and engaging… Lots of professionals could light the shots well and have good technical shots…but David has the rare knack of really engaging people so they come alive in his shots…Thanks David…You helped make our very well designed annual report come alive.”

Matt Miller
Matt MillerExecutive in Residence / Capacity Waterloo Region

“David is Passionate About his Work He accepts a challenge and engages with his subject, no matter where you ask him to go. It’s obvious that photography is not just a job to David; it really is his calling.”

Shelley Conrad
Shelley ConradBEd, OCT Coordinator, Waste Management Region of Waterloo

“I have hired David as a professional photographer on more than one occasion. He took all the Navtech Executive profile photos on a variety of occasions with great consistency. David was always prepared, professional and personable and the end result was very well received by the subjects. I will certainly make use of David’s talents again.”

Andrea Murray

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