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Are you struggling with the idea of going pro in the field of photography?

When starting out as photographers, creatives, we’re often insecure about charging for our services. In doing what we love, we can lose sight of our value as photographers, but David McCammon is here to tell you that you can do it!

With a commitment of time and energy, you can develop a successful professional photography business. David draws on his extensive photographic knowledge and thirty years of experience in the industry to offer personal and business insights that will help you create your own successful career. Start building your confidence and profit from the rich value of professional photography.


Succeed in professional photography, no longer struggle with pricing for your work, and discover enduring tools to drive your photography business to new heights.


Learn from David’s broad experience and knowledge in the business of photography. Explore your potential through Image Power.

  • Get paid for what you love to do.
  • Move through your fears.
  • Know technology and what works best for you.
  • Connect with your subjects.
  • Learn why relationships are huge.
  • Discover the art of details.
  • Create value around the experience.
  • Charge with confidence.
  • Work well with well-known leaders.
  • Keep it fresh.
  • Value yourself and your talent.
  • Balance your career and personal life.